Do You Really Follow These Money Saving Self-Storage Tips?

Storage space is something that helps you in hard times but also charges you a good amount at the same time. The cost really matters you when you are on a short budget. And after all you have right to make a justified deal that gives you the best return value for the amount you have paid. Straightforwardly, it might not be possible but you can follow a few smart tips that can indirectly benefit you.

  • Rebate on online payment: Online payment mode ensures the instant credit of amount so some storage service providers do provide discount on initial deposit. So while renting this service you must confirm whether they have such provision or not.
  • Effective placement: You must rent the minimum space you needed for accommodating the items and use the space carefully by stacking one item on the other according to their size, shape and weight. By maximizing efficiency you can free up space in a mini storage unit as well and can save the rental amount hugely.
  • Provision of refund for unused days: its better you ask for whether they refund the amount for those days when you didn’t use the storage space or not. If the owner responds positively, it can reduce your expense to some extent.
  • Free loading and unloading service: There are service providers who provide free drive up service for loading and unloading the items. If this is the case here, can exempt you from the travel expense.
  • Late payment charges: To avoid late payment, service providers usually apply late payment charges that can hugely increase your expense so make sure you release the rental payment in time.
  • Combine space: If you and your friend both need to rent a storage unit, it better you rent a bigger space at relatively lower cost. When you go for sharing of space, rental amount can be reduced by 25% to 40%. I hope this is one of the best ideas on making savings on storage Singapore.
  • Avoid storing heavy items: The heavy items which occupy rather large space and are not in use should be avoided for storage or rather than storing them, its better you lend them to an institution or a school.
  • Ask for discounts: Self-storage is one of the booming industries and competition remains so high. And discount is the one thing that can immediately change your buying decision so must ask for discounts. Some companies provide free access with an extended period of storage use.

We hope these money-saving tips would help you in finding the perfect storage solution.

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